About Us

Arina Jewellery was established in 2011 in SEEPZ SEZ the premier Jewellery Manufacturing Export Processing Zone in Mumbai.

In an exceedingly competitive market and in just ten years, Arina Jewellery has become known for pioneering innovations and creating cutting edge designs. Arina jewellery’s growth has been achieved with a combination of visionary leadership and building a reputation for impeccable quality that has garnered both respect and appreciation from the industry.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company serves a wide range of discerning clients across the globe. Impeccable quality and expertly crafted designs means the company has come to symbolize a way of life and a benchmark for style in the industry.

We at Arina Jewellery believe in constantly adding value to our customers and the diamond industry. Thus, we endure towards expanding the breadth of our product offerings and engaging ourselves in further excelling the quality. Arina’s breadth of product offerings and its focus on quality has made it one of the most preferred diamond jewellery suppliers to the well-known brands and/or companies of jewellery and watches.

Today, our operations have five state-of-the-art business units in the Special Economic Zone and offices in various cities across the world. We are well poised to deliver quality products on time, every time. We are a vertically integrated company providing end-to-end business solutions to our clients.

Arina Jewellery has spred it’s presence and serves Clients in over 17 countries.

For instance, The United States, The European Union, United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East.

Being one of the leading exporters of diamond jewellery, our unparalleled global industry experience is reflected in commitment to deliver outstanding products, world-class customer service, and customized product and service offerings to cater to the needs of our customers, with processes to ensure the highest standards of service and quality.


We like to believe we are in the position of rewarding our consumer's intelligence. Why pay thousands more than you need to when you can buy a product with the same "WOW" factor as a mined diamond, a product that will, like a diamond, last forever and be passed down through generations, all for a fraction of the cost and with no environmental harm?

To make Arina Jewellery a world class enterprise with both technological advancement and adherence to long lasting values, so that we can offer a range of jewellery that is unparalleled in the Industry and is customer’s first choice.

A process to add value at each step of the diamond pipeline through innovation, quality & customer focus, creating trust worthy environment which brings success to all stakeholders involved in the process.

★ Innovation: To be the foremost in the Industry and be recognized as Pioneers in technologies & new concepts whether products, diamonds, metal, manufacturing or human resources.

★ Quality: To provide the quality that ensures customer delight.

★ Customer focus: Products for the customer, by customer’s specifications, & of customer’s requirements.

★ Trust-Worthy: To create a business environment of utmost trust among all levels and functions


• To be the preferred name in the Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing and Exporting.

• To build a culture of Trust and Innovation.

• To strive relentlessly towards achieving quality service and products.

• Entrepreneurial Spirit.

• Leave the Mark of Quality.